Celebrity Crush: Hello, Yevgeny!

March 10, 2020

Oh. My. God. Can anyone explain why Yevgeny, played by Costa Ronin, is so outrageously sexy in season 8 of Homeland!? He was in season 7 and did nothing for me, but season 8, Yevgeny is on fire! Is it the leather jacket? The abundance of full-length shots in which he looks so hot while walking? (He really does have a sexy walk.) Is there something different about his facial hair? Maybe it’s just that he doesn’t seem quite so evil this season, therefore it doesn’t seem totally wrong to be so totally attracted to him? I cannot explain it, but every time he’s on screen, I am not looking away. That man is dead sexy.  

If you recognize him and you’re thinking, wait, isn’t that the guy from The Americans, yes, he is. Costa Nonin also played Oleg on The Americans. He always plays the evil Russian spy character, but he was clean shaven as Oleg and also not nearly as sexy as he is as Season 8 Yevgeny, if at all. Go figure! 

Who is your celebrity crush these days? Come on, you know you have one. ;)

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