Paint Swatches

Sunday afternoon, I picked up a few paint swatches at Ace because Joel and I would love to paint our living room a nice robin's egg blue color. With our brown couch and dark wood furniture, it would be just the thing to really bring the room together. Except the ideal color would be just a little brighter than robin's egg blue, and a bit warmer with a little more yellow. So almost a very bright, light, nearly greenish blue. The confusion of trying to find that color is only made more confusing by actually seeing swatches of different blues. In different lights, some give one the feeling of being deserted on an arctic tundra cold and alone. Others in different lights become dinghy greys that would surely depress me on dark Portland winter days. So today I'm going to tape them in the wall and then after going to fetch the mail, or on arriving back from the laundry room, see how they strike me when I open the door. It's the quest for the perfect blue.


  1. I think I *have* the perfect blue in my house! Much paler than you're looking for probably, though.

    My advice is to take home those tiny sample pots and paint a nice big swatch to really see if you're going to like it or not!


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