Do you want to work with an enthusiastic, well-connected, community-building blogger and podcaster? I'm your girl! Swiss Lark is the perfect place to host a giveaway, place a well-written, witty product review, or spotlight a cause or event. Send me an email me on lindsey (at) swisslark (dot) com and let's get the conversation started!

When you email me, here's what you'll get:

  • A Media Kit in PDF format detailing demographics and locations of my growing and engaged following, as well as all of the boutique and national brands I have worked with, including Elmex, Zizzzz, Kid O Toys, Minted, Pinhole Press and more!
  • Detailed packages on offer ranging from a simple Instagram post to strategically placed stories over 10 days' time, to a dedicated blog post, to the full comprehensive sweep, including all of the above PLUS ad spots on evergreen podcast episodes on one of the hottest and fastest growing expat podcasts out there (mine!). 
  • A warm, personal email from yours truly covering what I learned from reading up on your brand or company, and how I best think we can work together. As a natural-born influencer who has her finger on the pulse and tends to be one curve (at least!) ahead of the crowd, I can boost and promote your product or cause to a group of engaged, conscientious, forward-thinking readers with purchasing power all over the world.

Not ready to dive so deep and a banner ad is more your speed? No problem! Banner ads are available for purchase in monthly and half-yearly packages. Please email for current rates.

I can't wait to receive your email and explore the possibilities of working together! Email me now on lindsey (at) swisslark (dot) com and let's get the conversation started! xo