Bastille Day {Portland Style}

Yesterday was a very Francophile day at Jamison Square in The Pearl. It turns out that Portland's Bastille Day Celebration, held each year on the Saturday before July 14th, the actual date of Bastille Day, is the largest Bastille Day Celebration on the West Coast. It is sponsored by the Alliance Française of Portland and there were plenty of thick accents accompanied by "Je parle français" buttons all around. C'était magnifique!
Some of the day's entertainment above the Jamison Square Fountain. The fountain is possibly the most genius design ever. It's essentially an urban beach and the kids love it.
Happy wine drinkers.
A bit of escrime.
My friend Anne and her daughter Lily with a vintage Citroën.
La Course des Serveurs.
Judges deciding the outcome of La Course des Serveurs.
Joel enjoying our pique-nique.
Me with my pique-nique.
Delicious pique-nique dessert. Can you believe that is a flourless cookie? It is. Mmmm. From the delectable Nuvrei. What a lovely day.