It was too hot to stay in Portland today. Much too hot. In fact, right now it's still 102 and it's 8 pm. My goodness. So, instead of staying here and typing on my warm keyboard as promised, I went to Indian Beach with Sam and Joel. Layla, Sam's dog came with us and it was heavenly. On the way down to the beach, I thought to myself that I might be cold. Imagine that! And eventually I did have to put on a light sweater. It was around 85 degrees, foggy and misty with a very light breeze. It was quite possibly the loveliest beach day ever. Joel surfed while Sam and I chatted and traded some books. I gave her Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri and she gave me Julie/Julia by Julie Powell.

I've been back in this heat for about an hour now. I've dunked Rudy in cold water in the bathroom sink twice today because it's positively sweltering. Time to go take a cold shower. Then I can sit in front of the fan eating popsicles while I read.