Hiatus and 911

I guess that when I went on vacation for a few days, people stopped reading my blog. Maybe you are all on vacation, but at any rate, I have not received any comments since returning and that makes me a bit sad.

In more important news, I dialed 911 last night in response to haunting, guttural screams I heard across the street. Then, under a big street lamp, I saw a man run away. I assumed, given that he ran away, that he had mugged the screaming woman. Later I found out from police that he had attempted to rape her. The officer I spoke with as a follow up to my 911 call was frank, if not blunt. I assure you he was a very sweet police officer. I just think these people are desensitized at a certain point. He told me that the attacker ran up and grabbed the woman from behind, pinned her to the ground, told her to shut the fuck up and tore her underwear off. That strong, fighter of a woman did not stop screaming and kicking and it's a good thing she didn't because I heard her and the police were there before I was even off the phone with 911. In fact, I think the attacker ran away because he heard me at my window shouting, "Hey! What's going on out there? What is this? Oh MY GOD!"

I saw his full face as he ran away.

Today I went down to the precinct, worked with a forensic artist to make a sketch and felt really, really, exceedingly good about being a tax paying citizen in the City of Roses. The detectives I worked with were thankful that I had called 911, concerned for the safety of the women in my neighborhood, reassuring in that extra patrols have been added in the area, and immensely thankful that I took the time to come down and help them formulate a sketch. I just kept telling them that of course I would want to do these things. What else would a person in my situation do???? Apparently witnesses are not always forthcoming and willing.

That I will never understand.

When I heard that woman's screams, I did not hesitate for one moment. I didn't even think. I am so glad she is safe.


  1. Lindsey, it's fabulous that you acted so swiftly. But surely you've seen people hesitate, and make up reasons not to act, in other situations? Perhaps there was something unmistakable in the nature of the woman's screams, but I can imagine some people, in a similar situation, telling themselves "it's a domestic quarrel; the police won't come; or if they do, it will have blown over between the two and the police won't be able to do anything; or they won't get there in time," etc., etc. More than anything, I think your quick action was a great comfort to the woman, knowing there will be ears and action if she ever finds herself in this situation again. Odds are that she won't, but it's got to be comforting to know that, anyway.

  2. Yes, you're right, David. The screams were definitely distinctive. My first thought was that a dog had been run over and was dying. Then I realized it was a person. I had a friend over and she was in the bathroom and the screams were so frightening, she jumped in the bath tub to look out the window. We both agreed later that they struck us on a very primal level.

  3. Wow, that is scary. If I were the victim, I would be so glad you yelled out your window. I can see myself dialing 911, but I don't know if I would have yelled at them. You are a good citizen and will be blessed for your compassionate actions!


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