After literally months of procrastinating, I finally went to a Bikram class on Tuesday. Today I am still sore! It's good to get back into it again. I am hoping to try out a couple of the different studios in Portland and find my favorite. The studio I went to on Tuesday is really beautiful and peaceful and close to work. At Bikram Yoga Phoenix, where I practiced in Arizona, the instructors talked a lot throughout the class about the benefits of the poses, noting that during one posture you're aiding digestion, that in another, your strengthening your fingers and keeping arthritis away. I found all of that health benefit speak very motivating as I sought to release into the asanas. I noticed that during my first class here in Portland there wasn't a lot of mention of those things. None actually. Hmm. At any rate, it is still my favorite thing to do to feel healthy, rejeuvenated and transformed. Now I just need some cute new yoga clothes from Lululemon.