Last night Joel and I joined my Uncle Cyrus and Aunt Lynne (my late dad's brother and sister) and a couple of Cyrus's friends for a ride with the Spokane FBC. The eloquently named Fucking Bike Club holds a Full Moon Fiasco ride each month and last night was particularly exciting. A huge thunderstorm was passing through Spokane and between dazzling lightning displays and thunder, we were rained on multiple times throughout our pub crawl evening. Nonetheless, it was a great time.
Hundreds turned out and dressed up for the event. As with any city, Spokane has its hipster track bike constituency. And of course the roadies were out and representing in force. I really had fun, much to my surprise. Here we are locking our bikes together as we started out. Note the glow stick halos. Very handy for sticking together in the peloton.


  1. Thanks for coming. I'm glad you had a good time. Keep coming back.


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