The Horror.

I cannot believe, I mean really seriously cannot believe that I am in the process of dismantling by beloved apartment! This is beyond comprehension. How can this be? I just got this place organized, beautiful, perfect in every way and now it looks like this. I am too lazy to hook up wires to my computer and relay a picture, so imagine countertops covered with junk, giant ziploc bags littering the table, piles of newpapers, open cupboards half packed, bags of garbage, bare walls. Oh God, it's too much! I just want to sit down and cry in a big heap of self pity. To top it off I had the most crap day at work. I mean, really. This is awful. If you are a teacher you can understand just how life shattering this is for me. As a matter of fact, I know that my friend Erika who is also a teacher, and her husband are moving, too and they have a one year old to boot. Perhaps I need not feel quite so desperate. After all, I do not have a child running around. But I do feel desperate and self pitying. Oh yes I do. I think all of this has more to do with my crap day at work. Well that and the fact that Joel is on a run and has only contributed thus far by packing the bookshelves. Books are the easiest. Everyone knows that. Sigh. Anyway, if you have any shake the crap day at work tips, I'm all ears. Now back to this hideous mess.


  1. One solution: wine. Sipping a good glass of wine helps. Crying does, too; though you don't want to cry too much (it gives me migraines if I do). And self-pitying is okay.

    Good luck Linds! Hang in there!


  2. I will adhere to the sipping part if I turn to wine...although after Sunday's dinner party, maybe not! Thanks, Eve! I hope your move-in is nearly complete and you're feeling at home. xx


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