People always say timing is everything. And it is. Timing is really getting in the way of my yoga practice. This is because I am a hungry person. I love eating and I feel hungry and want to eat every couple of hours. I absolutely always must eat a mid-morning snack and then a big lunch and then an after school snack and then a big dinner and sometimes I still feel a bit hungry close to bedtime, though I do not like to eat and then sleep as this can lead to nightmares. But maybe a small piece of Ezekiel toast an hour or so before bed? Not so terrible.
The problem is yoga. It's best (critical) that one have an empty stomach when practicing. So I'm getting ready to go to yoga in an hour and I last had a small bunch of grapes at 3pm. I'm really hungry. I want to eat something right now, but worry that if I do, my stomach will not be empty enough. The guidelines say no food 1-3 hours before class. That is a big window. So, you know what? I'm going to try it. I have 10 minutes to eat something and still be within the hour window. I'm hoping I can find something simple to eat so that I will have enough fuel to have a good practice, but not so much food in my stomach that I feel sick. And we all know I commonly feel sick during yoga - well lately anyway. So, while food intake and the need to eat may have stopped me from going yesterday (yes, I know, I am a flake) I'm not going to let it stop me today. What a lot to think about!