Heavenly & Blissful

Yesterday I had the most relaxing, peaceful facial at the Aveda Institute in The Pearl.  I must admit that I was a little nervous about going to the Aveda Institute this time around.  The majority of my visits to Aveda have been really positive, but from time to time when you have students doing your services, you wind up with someone who really does not have the knack.  Sorry to be rude, but seriously, the last pedicure I got at Aveda was hell.  I was literally scalded with paraffin wax and left with nail polish not just on my toe nails, but all over my toes, too.  It's one thing to get through an uncomfortable pedicure, but a facial is quite different.  It was a serious relief to have a very skilled student giving me my facial yesterday and as an added bonus, she didn't talk at all.  No one wants to talk when they're getting a facial.  Still, there are those times when you get a chatty esthetician.  Anyway, whoever came up with the facial was a genius.  It is so wonderful to have your face massaged with luxurious smelling beauty products, get hot towel treatment and that lovely steam they blow in your face.  It is the best.  I almost fell asleep at one point.  If you live in Portland and you have not been to the Aveda Institute, you should go.  Chances are you'll get someone really great to do your services.  I think I'm going to go every other week until summer starts.  Seriously.  At $25 per facial, it's a worthy investment in stress reduction and peace of mind.  La.
photo from avedainstitutes.com