Orchid Love

Since when does a drink come with a fashion accessory?  Last night I went with my amazing friend Beth to Silk in The Pearl.  I had a really fabulous cocktail with Lychee purée and vodka and some raspberries and other wonderful things.  It was tasty, but best of all it came with a gorgeous orchid perched atop the loveliness.  I believe that orchids are poisonous, but I didn't eat it.  Oh no.  I placed the delicate bloom on the table and then Beth suggested told me I should put it in my hair.  Of course!  Why didn't I think of that?  Thank you, Beth!  I just happened to have some fancy pearl hairpins in my purse that I carry with me for exactly this type of situation.  30 seconds later, tropical glamour was mine and I was loving my dark hair more than ever.  Happily, we head on down the street to Vino Paradiso to do an Oregon wine flight, so I got take my blossom out on the town for a bit.  Best of all, I lovingly placed it in a small dish of water overnight and wore it again today.  I have a new place in my heart for the beautiful, delicate, decidedly strong orchid bloom.