Letting Go {Moving Forward}

I become very attached to the space I live in.  Sadly for me, the time has come to let go of this incredible apartment.  It's not easy.  

When we left our last apartment to come to this one, it was literally a gut wrenching experience for me.  It made me sick to dismantle that home and move out of that space.  This time around won't be quite so dramatic, partly because I've had ample time to prepare mentally and partly because I am very excited about our new life in Switzerland.  But still.  

When we left the Olympic in Northwest, I made it bearable by cleaning the apartment from top to bottom and taking photos so I could remember it just like that.  The funny thing is, I didn't really miss it at all once I was gone.  These are the photos I took.  I do remember it just like that.

So, I plan to do the same thing here.  Tonight I'll get the place all cleaned up, take photos and remember it just like that.  Hopefully, though it seems ridiculously impossible, I won't miss it at all!