Design Dilemma

Since arriving in Switzerland, decorating our apartment has not been priority number one.  First of all, we wanted to make sure we actually liked this place enough to stay before we invested in décor.  Secondly, consider that we live in the heart of Europe.  Spending money on traveling is way more fun, and really, more important when you have two weeks of vacation in October!  Finally, having a washer and dryer was more appealing than getting the décor in order when the weather was nice and we were spending the majority of our non-working hours outside.

With those ideals in mind, we bought a white slipcover for our (then red) couch, got a cheap, but cute rug and coffee table from IKEA and decided it was good enough.  

And it was for a while.

But now the push to do something about the interior has become relentless. The weather is changing rapidly and we're spending more and more time inside. It's getting darker and darker and we don't have any ceiling lighting - anywhere, in the entire apartment! The space is not functional. We don't have a place for wine glasses. I don't have a place to put my keys and purse when I come in the door. We have virtually zero counter space. Most of all, it just doesn't feel cozy! J is completely unfazed by our total lack of design and function, but I am quickly losing my mind.   

Decorating a space is usually my favorite part about moving to a new apartment.  But this time it's tricky.  We don't have a car and I really miss west elm.  I need some help!  

What can you share about your success in designing a functional small space?  And if you live in Switzerland, what are your favorite furniture and home décor stores?  


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