Sunday, December 19, 2010

Darn It!

Martha Stewart has done it again.  In the January issue of Martha Stewart Living, the article entitled "A Stitch in Time" made me wish I had some holes in my sweaters to darn. Not only does the article encourage a lost idea (fixing rather than replacing!) but it does so with flair. Just look at the contrasting yarn darning the holes on that sweater.  It makes me giddy with delight!
From Martha Stewart Living January 2011, Number 206
Then what should happen, but last week I looked down only to notice a hole in one of my favorite J.Crew cardigans. No! My initial dismay quickly turned to delight when I realized I now had a chance to use Martha's fabulous darning idea. Yes! Immediately I knew that I wanted neon yellow or green (or both?) to darn my navy blue cardigan. Happily Purl Soho had exactly what I was after so while home for Christmas, I shall have a fun little project to tend to while chatting with my mom and drinking tea.  
Mettler Neon Thread $22.40
photo from Purl Soho
Looking forward, I want to have a knitwear first-aid kit like Martha's at the ready. Sewing and knitting are such relaxing enjoyable activities that it also makes a pleasurable task out of a disappointment. There's everything to love about that.
From Martha Stewart Living January 2011, Number 206

Saturday, December 4, 2010


It's that time of year again.  Here is what I have on my wish list this Christmas.

Essie nail polish quartet from J.Crew.  These colors are so feminine and bright.  Perfect for winter parties.
No Size.  Color: Ballerina Clam Bake
click on photo for more info
Merino wool leggings from Icebreaker, to stay warm out in the snow.  Brrr!
Size: XS  Color: Blizzard
click on photo for more info
Merino camisoles from Icebreaker.  Indispensable.  
Size: XS  Color: Snow
click on photo for more info

UGG house shoes to keep my toes toasty while working with the kiddos.  I especially like the rubber sole because slippers make the most annoying noise.  
Size: 6  Color: Tobacco
click on photo for more info
Serious winter boots from Sorel.  With the Thinsulate, fleece lining and waterproof toes these are sure to be cozy on even the coldest Zurich days.  
Size: 6  Color: Black
click on photo for more info
An elegant wool coat from J.Crew, because the puffy down jacket is not always appropriate to the occasion.  This one has Thinsulate and comes in a petite.  Perfect.
Size: Petite 0 with Thinsulate  Color: Black
click on photo for more info
Staying warm is definitely this year's theme!
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