Best thing since sliced bread.

Today I received my first grocery delivery and it's safe to say I may never go to the store again. Last night all it took was a little time, a few clicks and today all of my groceries arrived on-time, lovingly packed and I didn't have to carry anything up two flights of stairs!
This being Switzerland, one of the payment options is to be sent a bill via email. I do have to say I love the level of trust when it comes to money in this country. 

It did take some time to select everything, about an hour and fifteen minutes from start to finish. That's still less time than it would have taken to go to the store and I was at home in my slippers! Coop @ home has a 100 chf minimum for delivery and an 18 chf delivery fee. If you order more, the delivery fee drops and I paid only 13 chf. As J said, we probably saved 13 chf in impulse buys just by not being physically in the store. Very true! And really, those were some heavy items. Having them brought up the stairs right to our door is worth every cent (or rappen as they say here in Switzerland). 
I'm hooked. Only online grocery shopping for me. It really is the best thing to happen to the grocery store since sliced bread!


  1. Oh how I wish this were an option in Manila! I used to love roaming up and down the grocery aisles in Portland, getting ideas for new meals, but here it's truly the bane of my existence!

  2. Agreed!! I find the grocery stores so dark here. I miss my beautiful, light and airy Whole Foods!!

  3. I like delivery but also like selecting my ien bread, etc.

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