I wholeheartedly love cosmetics. I really can't think of a more gratifying way to spend money than on beauty products. Seriously. Having a bad day? Week? Month? Go get a makeover, buy yourself some shiny, good smelling beauty products and you'll feel amazing! 

To that end, I was very excited to get a package in the mail recently from my dear friend Amy. 
Amy is an Independent Consultant with Arbonne and she sent me all sorts of goodies. 
Just look at all that fabulous stuff! Sea Source Detox Spa bath salts, RE9 skin care sample set, make-up, protein powder -  and more!

Sometimes it can take me a while to try a new beauty product because I have such dry, sensitive skin. Trying something new always carries an element of risk with it. But Amy was in qualification to get a FREE white Mercedes Benz through Arbonne, so I thought to myself, "Hey, I need a moisturizer with sunscreen for the summer, I might as well support Amy and see if Arbonne has a nice one." WOW! Do they ever! 
Arbonne is amazing! Who knew?!
That is my new RE9 anti-aging moisturizer with sunscreen and next to it is an Arbonne lip polish. The moisturizer is lovely, anti-aging and contains no parabens or other crap. That is because, I learned from reading a bit about Arbonne, all of their products are meaning they're sourced from natural ingredients that are good for you. Wow!

Last summer Amy gave me a tube of that very lip polish as a going away gift and I promptly fell in love with it! Then tragedy struck and I dropped it on hard tile floor and it broke. I've been missing it ever since. I must say that Arbonne's lip gloss is the absolute BEST lip gloss I've EVER used! It's glossy and has lots of shine, but it's not the least bit sticky. How is that possible, you ask? I have no idea. But it isn't. It's not sticky! Best of all, it's moisturizing (yes, moisturizing!), so I can put it onto bare lips and it feels good and looks great. Talk about a dream product! 

But it's not just a dream product, it turns out Arbonne is a dream brand!
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That is the RE9 Advanced skin care set. It's the skin care line that my ahhhhmazing moisturizer with sunscreen is a part of and happily Amy sent me a sample of the whole line so I could try all the products out together. No joke, people, this stuff is incredible. I used the sample kit for seven days and seven nights and I couldn't believe the difference. Naturally, I ordered up the full-size kit on the spot. I had to! No really, I had to! How could I not when the word "blackhead" was quickly vanishing from my vocabulary?! 

I can't even begin to tell you how revolutionary this skin care line is. That must be what RE stands for - revolutionary. My skin is smoother than it's ever been. The RE9 seems to have pulled all the impurities and blackheads right out leaving behind invisible pores and total radiance. It's to die for. Best of all, you only need the tiniest amount to see results. The sample kit is only supposed to last three days and three nights, but I managed to get a whole week out of it. Amazing! I am counting down the days until my full size set arrives. 

So...are you curious about that FREE white Mercedes?! 

They did it! Amy and her team are now an Arbonne Region and I, for one, am so delighted for her. The Arbonne Opportunity is incredible! Seeing what this company has done not only personally for my skin (in just one week!) but the phenomenal ways that it has touched Amy's life, I will definitely be joining Arbonne as soon as I get back on US soil! In the meantime, I'm a total believer in Arbonne's incredible line of products and will continue supporting the Amy Everett Region!

If you are interested in the Arbonne Opportunity or want to try some incredible Arbonne products on your own skin, visit Amy's Arbonne Website. She will be more than happy to introduce you to Arbonne products and the company. Trust me, you won't regret it!