You know that immensely difficult last push through a long and arduous task, like say the school year if you're a teacher? Well, in German they actually have a word for it: Endspurt. It translates very well. In Switzerland, people will wish you a "good endspurt" much like you might wish someone a happy birthday.

I'm taking all the wishes for a good endspurt that I can get. These days, J and I are just SO tired! Really, we are seriously running out of steam.

Luckily when trying to push through an endspurt, there is a breakfast that is fast, easy as pie and gives you lots of energy right through lunchtime. Just the ticket. Thank you, oatmeal, for being so wonderful!


  1. Hi! Can you tell me what brand of wooden spoon is in that picture above? I'm looking to replace one with the same letters on back but can't find any info.

    1. It's a Martha Stewart Everyday spoon, Alexis. I believe it was originally purchased at K-Mart when Martha had that FAB collection there. I don't think it's there anymore...maybe try Macy's? Good luck! xx


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