Snail Mail is for Lovers

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How gorgeous are these stamps? I love sending letters, but here in Switzerland, at 1,90 CHF ($2.25) per letter to America, it's so much cheaper to call! What a sad truth. I hate to see the art of letter writing disappearing into oblivion, but perhaps these fabulous stamps will help letter writing make a come back! They are Forever stamps and I'm more than a little tempted to buy up a bunch and tuck them away for future letter sending.

I'm dreaming of sending letters today. Love letters to J, heartfelt letters about my life in Switzerland to good friends, witty letters to pals. 

When was the last time you sent a handwritten letter? When was the last time you received a handwritten letter? Who did you write to or who was it from? Did you receive a reply?


  1. Well, i still write handwritten letters...nothing can beat a real letter on the doormat!


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