Homeward Bound

In two weeks Coco will have her first step (lie?) on American soil. We are flying home for a visit and I cannot wait! Our itinerary includes Spokane, Portland and Eugene. J and I met in Eugene while attending the University of Oregon and we are already waxing poetic about pushing our little baby through campus in her pram. We're also drooling thinking of all the fantastic food we are going to eat: Cafe Siena breakfast, Burrito Boy tacos for lunch, McMenamin's Captain Neon Burger for dinner. That is a lot of yum to pack into one day. Hurrah!

In Portland we're staying at the Ace Hotel. We reserved a "standard back" room because they're the quietest rooms and have a bathtub - two musts when traveling with a baby! I am looking forward to the hip decor, superb location and Stumptown Coffee in the lobby. Heaven! We have a long list of people to see in Portland and I will be so thrilled to introduce Coco to each and every one of them. 

{photo of University of Oregon Memorial Quad circa 1940 from Flickr}