Outdoor Nap

It seems that when we're out and about, Coco always falls asleep in her pram. She sleeps so soundly in there. So when we arrive home, it's always with a little reluctance that I wheel her inside where it's too warm for her down suit, knowing that she will soon wake up. Conversely, if I try to undress her, she always wakes up, so it's a no win situation. 

I read this post a while ago and it's been in the back of my mind that I could let her nap outside for some time now. But I haven't had the courage to leave my little baby alone outside, naturally! Then today, I figured out how I could make it happen.

I put the fully-loaded-with-batteries baby monitor in with her.

Then I covered her pram with a blanket and parked it where I could see it from the kitchen window. 
I was more comfortable with it given that the door to our building is facing a courtyard and down a pathway from the street. No one passes by here or walks through here unless they're my neighbor and I know them. And because we're on the ground floor, I could leap out the window (which I sat next to the entire time!) if I needed to for any reason. 

Finally, thanks to our fabulous baby monitor, I was able to hear if she stirred and even see the temperature where she was sleeping as I sat by the window and took care of some work on the computer. 16 degrees Celsius is actually quite warm. The thermometer must have been getting some heat off of her head because it was not 60 degrees Fahrenheit in Zurich today!

She only slept for about ten minutes! ;) But now that I've got it all figured out, I'd do it again. I think those Danes are onto something with the idea of napping in fresh air. 

Would you let your baby nap outside? What would make you comfortable or uncomfortable with the idea? 


  1. Yes! I used to take Lindsey for walks because it would always lull her to sleep, but we didn't realize how much better she slept outside until we took her camping for the first time (at four months old). She slept so much longer and was much more refreshed! I never thought of letting her sleep outside in her stroller though--that's a genius idea, and would've been so great back in the days when we had a backyard!

  2. Camping with a four month old is highly admirable! Sleeping outside definitely works, doesn't it?! Yesterday she had a nice long nap in her 10 degrees Celsius pram. Perfect!


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