Swimsuit Shopping Postpartum

What size swimsuit do you order when your bust measures a medium, your waist a LARGE (!) and your hips a small?!

I had no idea, either. So I called J.Crew and those folks are just so darn helpful. The guy I spoke with actually took down my measurements, put me on hold and went to discuss the swimsuits I wanted with a stylist to get the best fit. Amazing!

We are so lucky to live just five minutes from the nicest badi in the city. I can't wait to dive in and swim out the buoys. I feel confident and slim despite the post-baby body thanks to my fun retro suit.

Here are some others that would be good, too.

Do you like to swim? Sunbathe? What do you look for in a swimsuit? 


  1. I loooooove the bottom suit! And I'm sure you look fab!


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