Yellow Skinny Jeans

You can't go five minutes without seeing colorful jeans this season. So let me warn you in advance. If you haven't bought a pair already, once you pop (a little color, that is), you just can't stop! I now have four (!) pairs of brightly colored skinny jeans: blue, pink, green and yellow. Yesterday, in honor of the gorgeous, sunny weather we're having here in Zurich, I busted out the yellow skinnies for the first time. Delightful!

Would you believe I got these yellow skinnies at Old Navy?! They were on sale for a mere $25. Hurrah! To get this laid-back nautical look, I paired them with a bold stripe Loft shirt, one of my favorite J.Crew cardigans from a few years back and Minnetonka moccasins. My sunglasses are kate spade. 

Would you wear yellow skinny jeans? What spring trends are you leaning toward this year?