Bedtime Story: Counting Kisses

Since turning the six-month mark, our days seem to revolve around Coco's sleep schedule. She needs an hour long nap around 10 am and a two hour nap around 2 pm. Then, she goes to bed between 7 and 7:30. If we get the bedtime routine started too late, it means she's awake for another few hours and then everyone is tired and grumpy the following day. No thanks! She used to go to bed really easily, but now that she is so much more aware of everything going on around her, she really needs to wind down before bed. So we've started reading one or two books every night and I love it. It's unbelievably wonderful to snuggle up with my little bundle and read her calming, sweet stories every evening. 

We have lots of good bedtime books, but my favorites are all from a list that the Baby Center sent me. Do you get their emails? I had their pregnancy App on my iPhone and now I have the baby development App. Both are rad and I highly recommend! 
Perhaps the sweetest book of all is "Counting Kisses" by Karen Katz. The book leads mommy and baby through a series of kisses working backward from "ten kisses on tiny little toes", to "one last kiss on baby's tired head." It's as sweet as sweet can be and what makes it even sweeter is that my little baby girl giggles all the way through. Swoon! Honestly, it's the best! While I'm holding Coco and giving her kisses and reading her a sweet story before bed, I feel so completely contented and fulfilled. This life of being a mommy and having a family is what I have always wanted. All those years of playing with my dolls and taking care of them, I was dreaming of this: a comfortable well-kept home, crisp inviting sheets, a sweet chubby baby nursing in my arms, a soft nightlight's glow, counting kisses before we turn out the light. I am so grateful to have this wonderful life with J, in our beautiful home with our precious little bundle to love and watch grow. Every night at Coco's bedtime, we count kisses and I thank my lucky stars. 

{top photo by Amy Sinisterra}