On Motherly Love

Mother's Day is just two weeks away and this year it's different. I experienced the same thing at Christmas: It felt like I was hearing the story of Mary giving birth to Jesus for the first time (in a stable for goodness sake!) because being a mother myself now, I could relate in a way I never had before. 

This Mother's Day, I'm relating to my own mother in a way I never have before. I'm seeing motherhood from the other side. Every moment I spend with Coco reading to her, hugging her, talking to her, changing her diaper, comforting her, snuggling her, dressing her, bathing her, playing with her, tickling her and being her mom my own mom did for me. It's incredible, humbling and amazing to feel the universal mother's love and know that I was her baby and this is what my mother felt for me. Motherly love is a boundless, limitless swell of pure love. It's so unbelievably beautiful.

J and I have been planning out our Mother's Day gifts to our moms and I think they're going to be good!

What do you do to celebrate your mother on Mother's Day? And if you're a mother yourself, what do you do to celebrate you?

{photo by Edward J. Steichen}


  1. So, what are the gifts?! Lacking a good idea ...doris

    1. We're getting them Stickygrams: http://stickygram.com/ If you don't have Instagram, Pinhole Press will make them with any photos! SO FUN! :)


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