Zurich: Tram Buggy Zone

Getting around Zurich with a baby is easy as pie! Really. The trams are all set up for prams and buggies, and on the newer trams they're floor level so you can roll on and off with your buggy with ease. It's completely awesome. 

What is not completely awesome is that there is a certain type of tram rider who likes to stand directly in the buggy area and not move when buggies try to come aboard. It is infuriating! One day I asked J, "How do I say, 'You can be anywhere, I can't!' in German? I am so sick of people clogging up the buggy area!!" He told me, but it was too complicated, so my strategy became to either a). shove my way on and crash into people who didn't move while avoiding all eye contact (excellent results), or b). saying rather loudly in English, "You have to move, people!" with a dramatic sweep of the arm while avoiding any and all eye contact (also excellent) or c). completely block an aisle, throw the break on and (duh!) avoid all eye contact. Not exactly pleasant!

Well, last week I got on the tram and they are now outfitted with a big (and I mean BIG) message to standers that the buggy area is not for them. Check. It. Out. 
Way to go ZVV! It just makes me so darn happy. :) As does the actual message, which translates as "For future shareholders" or "For prospective investors." So bizarre. Something has clearly been lost in translation! But whatever it says, this is a huge day for mommies in Zurich. Yippee!

PS - Now that Coco is no longer in her lie-flat pram, I've decided to call her Bugaboo her buggy. So many words to choose from in this multilingual life of ours: Kinderwagen, push chair, baby car (that's a knee-slapper!), stroller, buggy. I'm curious, what do you call your buggy? 


  1. reagan calls ours her gogo. we also now have a double stroller, so it is the double gogo!

  2. Even better! I love children's language - it's so literal. :)

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