Five Sweet Notebooks

As much as I love my iPhone and all of its handy Reminder, To-Do and Shopping List Apps, nothing replaces the feel of real pen or pencil on paper. I like to keep a little notebook in my purse (or these days, diaper bag :) to jot down ideas and inspiration whenever they come to me. As a new mom, this is essential because I find that I rarely remember my ideas later if I don't write them down! Lately I've been toting around a rather boring little notebook from Migros. It's terribly utilitarian. I'd much rather have one of these gorgeous notebook finds. Blending form and function is always better than boring!

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If you like florals...
The Botanical Notebook Collection by Rifle Paper Co. (pictured above) is available from Chronicle Books. I love the vintage feel and bright colors. They're perfect for Spring and Summer!

If understated is more your style...
You'll adore Field Notes made custom for J.Crew. The colors are clean, modern and calm. Just the thing for incognito note jotting on the go.

For a flip-style notebook...
Postalco notebooks are refined and stately with the smoothest satiny paper you'll ever sail a pencil across. They're available from Canoe, and while you're there, don't miss the Cedar Pointe pencils. They make a great pair! 

If you want something fancy...
These Safari Suite Pocket Journals by kate spade are just ornate and frilly enough to be fancy without being too much. I love the giraffes!

For something unique...
Sparrow Nest Script, an Etsy shop whose stuff I love, has a lovely hand-calligraphed notebook made with a brown kraft Moleskine. Her calligraphy is so beautiful and simple!

Do you like to take notes with your smartphone or old fashioned pen and paper? Which notebook would you choose? 


  1. Totally agree - there's something oddly comforting about having a physical journal in which to scribble my musings. I love love love everything from Rifle - I've got not only their journals but also a couple card sets. So sweet!

  2. I am in love with flip-style notebooks. Maybe it's a journalist fetish*. I use my i-pad all day long, but still, pen and paper is an irreplaceable combo!

    It was nice finding your blog!

    *I study Media & Communication.

    1. Hi Dora! Welcome!! :) I find the iPad so hard to type on...but writing always feels good, doesn't it? You should really go for the Postalco. You'd love it! xo


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