Fall Fashion: New Watch

Isn't this this Marc by Marc Jacobs watch gorgeous? I knew immediately when I saw it featured on Making it Lovely that I had to have it as my fall and winter watch. It almost makes me excited for shorter days, falling leaves and big chunky sweaters. Almost, but not quite.
Last summer, after living in Switzerland for a year, I realized it was time to buy a watch. In this place being two minutes late is a grievous offense! I still offend grievously, but at least I know exactly how late I am! ;) After five years of not wearing a watch, it's exciting that I'll have two. I was thrilled to find my Skagen watch last summer. The only problem is, it's white and ceramic and so summery. I honestly felt a little weird wearing it during the winter. This watch is just what I need. Rose gold is everywhere in the fall collections and I absolutely love it. True gold is just too bling for me, but this rose gold watch will add some subtle glamour to my look everyday. I can't wait to have it! What trends are you loving this fall? Would you wear rose gold?