Bento Boxes for Baby Food

I saw these adorable bento boxes the other day in my favorite neighborhood shop, Einzigart. They are so cute, I could honestly scream! But I left without buying one because I couldn't think of any reason I needed one. Then it occurred to me later that it would be the perfect thing for Coco's food on our flight to the States in three weeks! The top is a little bowl and there are two compartments below. Ideal for baby cereal and finger foods. So today we went back and Coco picked the geisha in purple when given the choice between the two girl designs. I also got a little drawstring carry bag for it that will also fit a few spoons, bib, a jar or two of baby food and some face wipes. Isn't that just perfect? I loved them so much I got a few more as gifts for people back home. Do you use a bento box? Would you? 

(Photo from Bento & Co.)


  1. I bought the Ninja one for Miro a few weeks ago, it's so cute! and we use the middle part with the plastic lid for finger food, it's very stylish and practical :-)

    1. Great minds think alike! ;) So fabulous that it's working out well for you. :) xo I love it!


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