The best baby hat of all time.

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you don't ask for. This is certainly true in the case of Coco's adorable Earhart hat from Jojoco Hatmakers in Chicago. It was a baby shower gift from J's best friend from high-school and his wife. And wow. Those two clearly knew what they were doing when it came to buying baby gifts. In the beginning, it was way too big for Coco, but as soon as it fit, it became our go-to hat. I honestly cannot believe how much we've used it. She wears it for walks with daddy in the Baby Bjorn on crisp days, or for playing inside on a chilly day, and it layers really well under a wool hat. I love that hat so much. The way it fits on her downy little head just makes my heart swell with happiness. And now that it's getting too small, it kind of breaks my heart. But I am so overly sentimental as a mom. Every time she hits another milestone or I have to put away a set of too-small clothes, I reflect and marvel on how fast it's all going. And then I remind myself that it's more goodness that lies ahead. With that in mind, we are going to go to Sun People Dry Goods while we're in Spokane next month to get Coco a couple more Jojoco Earhart hats in the next size up. We could never go wrong having the natural color cotton one again, and maybe a second in polar fleece. That will keep her warm and toasty all winter long. Do you (or did you) have a hard time watching your baby grow up so quickly?