What new moms really need.

Aside from a devising a showering routine that is lightning fast, and adopting a hairstyle that doesn't require styling, I have discovered two essentials that I need (and love!) since becoming a mother. Don't laugh at the second one.

A DLSR camera. It is so important to invest in a decent camera - and learn how to use it - ahead of time. For the first six months of Coco's life, we were taking pictures with our point and shoot, but way more often with our iPhones. Don't do that! iPhone photos are not quality photos when it comes to printing and archiving. Then I got a Canon Rebel and 50mm lens

I'll admit that when I first bought it, I was telling everyone I had a new camera with a 50 milliliter lens and that I had also gotten a telescopic lens. It is not a measuring cup and no good for stargazing! What I did have were 50 millimeter and telephoto lenses. ;) All the same, I learned how to use it and now we have gorgeous, photo album worthy photos of practically every waking moment of Coco's life. So worth it!

Trashy TV. This is invaluable at the beginning when your baby only wants to sleep in your arms. The first three weeks, J and I would settle onto the couch in the evenings with Coco in my arms on the Boppy Pillow and watch episode after episode of WEEDS! Sweet family viewing, right? Not really. 

But, really. I actually get kind of teary eyed when I hear the Weeds theme song now. It reminds me of those tender early days as a family. It was the perfect thing while we were exhausted and housebound. Watching trashy TV, drinking nursing tea and eating tons of cookies was just so satisfying. Now that Coco is older, once she is in bed at night, all I want to do after a long day of caring for her, meals, cleaning, laundry and diapers is kick back with a glass of red wine (or sometimes water! ;) and r-e-l-a-x. Last night, I finally finished Desperate Housewives. What a disappointment! But trashy and fabulous, nonetheless!

What are the unexpected essentials and guilty pleasures of your life as a mom? And what are your favorite trashy TV shows? I'm looking for a new series! ;)

(Canon photo from here. Desperate Housewives logo from here.) 


  1. I was obsessed with How I Met Your Mother and Dr. Who while I was home with K in Zurich. I would even watch it during our night nursing sessions!!

    I agree, now after a long day, all I want to do is watch TV and go to bed early.

    1. Moms definitely need to go to bed early! That should have been top of the list. ;) I'll have to check out those shows. I never really watched much TV before, but it's awesome now!!! :) xo


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