Coco's First Birthday

Last month, Coco turned one and we had the absolute best first birthday party for her. (I think the adults had more fun than the kids! ;)

On the invitation we asked that instead of gifts, everyone bring a bottle of champagne or a snack to share. Way more champagne than snacks came through the door and everyone toasted the birthday girl and parents. The babies crawled around, the bigger kids played and the adults had lots of time to mingle, chat and drink bubbly. After a little while, we brought out the cupcakes. Coco was so curious about her cupcake and candle. 
She tried a little frosting and wasn't too sure about it. 
Then she decided she didn't like it.
But she continued to play with it, just for fun.
By the time everyone had had a cupcake, it was late afternoon and most of our guests were ready to go home. We liked that the party was short and sweet and simple. Of course, not everyone followed the no-presents request, so we opened Coco's presents with our neighbors and a few friends who were still there.
She was super excited about the baby doll she got and didn't really understand the concept of opening presents, but that's okay. The first birthday party (and maybe even the second?) are really more for the parents. We had an amazing day celebrating our first year as parents, with all of our friends around us, remembering the incredible day of Coco's birth. It was absolutely perfect. How did you celebrate your baby's first birthday? A party? A trip together? Something else? 


  1. I am dying over the cuteness of these pictures! Especially that expression after eating the cupcake :)
    And I totally pinned that dress on pinterest! It looks so cute with her little scarf.
    Happy 1st Birthday to Coco!

    1. Oh thank you! Your pin makes my day. <3 I love the dress/scarf combo, too. The dress is Petit Bateau and I was so happy it still fit. Isn't it darling?! :)

  2. adorable! happy 1st (belated) birthday!

    ps...LOVE the little scarf!


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