Friday Night Movie Night (As in, the sleep training worked!)

Coco's sleep training has gone so incredibly well that J and I were able to have a lovely evening together not once, but twice this week! :) Tonight we had our favorite meal from this cookbook and then we watched The Artist. It's such a cute love story and we adored the sweet dog. Our first impressions of the movie. J: "He's flying an open plane with a top hat on?! This is great." Me: "Is the whole thing going to be silent?" But I loved it in the end. 

Would you believe that Coco didn't wake up once and she didn't make a peep when she went to sleep tonight?! Tomorrow I'll write a full post detailing our entire experience with sleep training this week. It's been like magic! Until then, sleep tight and sweet dreams. xo


  1. Can't wait for tommorow's post. Writing this sitting at F's bed holding his hand cause he won't sleep otherwise :( -maria

    1. YAY! ;) I think you will find it very encouraging and helpful. :) I haven't gotten the post up because I hit a wall. Last night I got this nasty headache and started to feel like I was getting a cold, but really I think it was a combination of terrible stress and exhaustion. Whew! Thank goodness we are starting to sleep way better. And thank goodness for J who got up with her this morning so I could sleep! ;)


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