Our Holiday: Mt. Pilatus

On Colin's last day in Switzerland, we took the train to Luzern and went up Mt. Pilatus. It was so breathtaking! The Alps were out in their full glory and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Best of all, they let us take the Bugaboo up in the gondola. Can you believe it?!

Getting to Pilatus is a bit tricky. First you buy your tickets at the tourism office. Then you take a bus to the end of town, but you have to pay attention, because the stop isn't the actual last stop on the line. Then you walk up a hill (wondering if you're going the right way) and finally reach the gondola. Then you have to wait in a huge line to have the ticket you bought at the tourist office exchanged for a gondola ticket. If you're like us, you get around the corner in the line to where you can see the ticket windows and think, "What?! We already have tickets. Onward!" and then some finger-wagging individual snootily tells you your ticket is not right as they breeze through with theirs. And then you have to go wait in the line again because your ticket won't scan. Drrh!

So you can see how at this point, I was a little annoyed. 

Of course that was when Coco decided to drift off into a peaceful, angelic slumber in her buggy and I was just sure that they would tell us we couldn't take it up in the gondola. I mean, come on! It's the size of the gondola.
Actually, it was no problem. O.M.G. Seriously?! It was the most dramatically mood-changing awesome moment of my life. I was bracing myself in anticipation of that sneering "no" when I asked the ticket lady about the buggy and she just said, "Yep, you can take that on too" like it was no big deal and I was blown. Blown away! Giddy even. :) Ahhhhh!!!
We were rather crammed in there with still-sleeping little Coco, but it was comfortable enough for 15 minutes. She slept the whole way and we took in the views.
When we got halfway up, we switched to a cable car and happily, took our sleeping Coco onto that in her buggy as well. People were packed into the cable car like sardines, but no one asked us to fold the Bugaboo. How child-friendly! 
At the top, everyone was soaking up the sun and the view. I just loved this mom and daughter napping together in a deck chair. The vibe was relaxed and peaceful and felt really serene.
Then we got outside and the full scope of the view from our mountaintop vista was realized. Isn't it brilliant?
Coco was still sleeping, so I insisted we head in to have lunch before she woke up. 
The restaurant was the perfect blend of Alpine and hunting lodge chic. We loved the Ibex above the amazing fireplace.
We got a table by the window so we could continue to enjoy the view. Honestly it was so bright, J considered putting his sunglasses on.
 Coco continued to sleep while we ordered beers and decided on food.
Then she woke up and ate with us. She was a little groggy, but felt right at home in the Tripp-Trapp. The food was good, but a little salty for our tastes. Then we went outside to see what Coco would think.
She loved it, of course! :) Mt. Pilatus is just what you would expect from a day trip to the mountains in Switzerland. I think we will be taking all of our visitors there. Have you been? 


  1. Oh WOW, this place looks amazing!!

    1. It was so fantastic! Next time, I'm knitting/napping on one of those chairs for sure. (J can chase Coco around while I lounge! ;)

  2. Oh wow! I have not been here, but I am putting it on my to-do list for my next trip to CH! (within the next 2 years, I hope!)
    And I can totally relate to your prepping yourself for that famous swiss "friendliness" ;)
    Even with the reminder of the attitude of some people, those mountains are really making me miss the place! I think for about 6 months after I came home, I would see "phantom" mountains out of the corner of my eye, only to look up at the sky/distance and see nothing :(

    1. You should definitely do it. It's so worth it! :) I know what you mean about the phantom mountains - sometimes clouds look like mountains in flat places. But the weirdest experience I ever had was being in southern Illinois where J was born and grew up until he was 10. It's so flat, I've never seen anything like it - except the ocean. The town was about a 1/4 mile squared, so every time we came to the edge of town (often!;) I would think it was the ocean I saw out of the corner of my eye. Actually, just flat fields as far as the horizon. So surreal! If you need a mountain fix, you can always head west. Lots of big beautiful mountains out there. ;) xo

  3. p.s. I've decided I'd like to experience life in a Bugaboo from now on. Coco always looks so warm and cozy in there! :)

    1. I know! She's so lucky. And the "High-Performance Foot Muff" is ridiculously envy-inducing. Fleece lined with a down cover?! She has it so good. :)

  4. hey lindsey, i just saw this today after reading about your beautiful trip and your bugaboo. just wanted to pass the info along. not sure if it pertains to you or not.

    1. Thank you! It doesn't pertain, thankfully. Ours is so old it's actually third-hand. ;) The production date was September 2005! And, when it was given to us, it didn't even have the carry handle, so it's already been replaced. But I checked our serial number anyway for good measure and it's only 7 digits long. The ones in the recall are like 12 digits long!!! HAHA! I guess it shows they were built to last. :) Thank you again. That is so good to know and I'll pass along to the other Bugaboo owners I know. xoxo

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