Have a cheerful weekend.

We are so happy because J is now on holidays for two weeks! It's Sportferien, or Sport Holiday, because Swiss children need to dedicate at least two weeks of their year to skiing. ;) We are doing another big French Toast breakfast Saturday morning, this time with berry compote and whipped cream. Then all sorts of excitement paying bills, cleaning up the apartment and organizing paperwork in the office. Are you jealous? ;)

Here's a little smattering of what I found noteworthy around the web this week:

Completely obsessed with this Swedish apartment

I'd like to walk through it barefoot in these pajamas

Yes, I actually ordered these to go with Coco's Princess castle. (Slaps forehead.)

I'm 33 and feeling it!

Finding balance between work and life with children.

A coffee mug for lovers.

Great how-to for social media buttons.

Monogramming was never so fun!

I asked Coco to get me this rose candle for Valentine's Day.

An interesting tidbit about celiac's disease.

Coco is obsessed with babies lately. 

Do you have a calling card scent?

And, of course, don't forget to vote for Swiss Lark in the Homies! Hurry, voting ends tonight at 11:59pm EST. Enjoy your weekend and see you back here Monday! xo

(Photo of Coco exactly one year ago. What a happy little muffin! :)


  1. K is also obsessed with babies and stuffed animals right now. She brings one in the car to cuddle with on the way to daycare. Its so cute! Hopefully she's as excited about the real baby. Single digit week count down is ON.

  2. OMG! Congrats on being in the single digit weeks. That is crazy exciting! :) Maybe you should get her her own baby to coincide with the little one's arrival? ;) xo

  3. She has one, well actually she has two but one is out of rotation right now. She doesn't treat it any differently than the stuffed animals. Hopefully she will be more gentle with real baby :)


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