Signs of Spring and Our Comfortable Routine

Slowly, but surely, the improbable signs of spring are starting to show. A peek of sunshine here, melting snow and new grass there. The glorious warm feeling of the sun on your back. 
Most of the snow has melted and the grass is that coming-to-life color that screams spring. It's not winter grass, it's grass that is getting ready to grow. Next the pine boughs will be taken off of the roses and then the blooming will begin. I can't wait for the blooming. It's so miraculous each year to see everything burst into color and full of life. I'm so ready.
But whenever it gets real, I remember to savor the last bits of winter. Lots of roaring fires and lighting candles in the evenings. Eating all of the delicious things that just don't taste good when it's hot outside; Raclette and Fondue, ginger snaps and shepherd's pie. It's such a relief to know that winter is almost over, it makes it easier to enjoy these last weeks.
We have fallen into such a delightful routine and I am just so impossibly in love with my life right now I can hardly believe it. Coco is happy and growing and satisfied and delightful in every single way. Every morning, once we've eaten and tidied and dressed, we get outside for a walk - at least one, but often two per day. We go all over our neighborhood and look at everything there is to see. Cats hunting birds, birds singing in trees, muddy hillsides, budding flowers, pebbles, bulbs pushing up through the dirt, doorways, gates, fences. Everything is interesting to Coco and I love watching her curiosity in action. Then we get back inside and warm up and eat lunch together and she's ready for her nap. While she's sleeping, I bake and clean and do laundry and keep our home cozy and neat. She wakes up warm and snuggly and we sit and read a pile of books together. Then she plays and I make dinner or sometimes we get out for another walk and blast of fresh air. When J gets home, we all eat together and then her bedtime routine makes evenings so easy and enjoyable. One of us gives her a bath and gets her ready for bed while the other cleans the kitchen. Then everything is done and she goes to sleep happily, easily, and J and I have the evening together. It's kind of perfect! I just had no idea life as a stay-at-home mom could be this good! But, somehow our lives have fallen into this happy, effortless rhythm and I am so grateful. At night, before I go to bed and the house is quiet and dark, I pause and look at our sweet little home and feel like the luckiest person in the world. It's that good.