Stress Dreams

March 12, 2013

Do you ever have stress dreams? Back when I was teaching, I had total teacher stress dreams, like being late on the first day of school and having no lesson plan. When I had a particularly micro-managing administrator, I would even have dreams of being sent to the principle's office! (Something that didn't happen once during my own school days. ;)

Now my stress dreams are confined to one of two scenarios: missing train connections and rushing around an endless maze of stations and platforms trying to get somewhere, or being late for the airport with unpacked suitcases, frantically trying to throw everything into a suitcase that is too small, while simultaneously the pile of stuff that needs to be packed grows! It's horrible, but always such a relief to wake up and realize it's just a dream. 

Apparently the five most common stress dreams are 1). Missing a plane or bus. That's me ;) 2). Losing your car or having it get stolen. I had this one once, back when I was a car owner. 3). Tidal Wave. Oh my goodness, no thank you! That sounds genuinely scary. 4). Being back at school and not able to find your class or locker. Sounds pretty similar to my teacher stress dreams. and 5). House Fire. Yikes! Do you have a stress dreams? What kind?

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  1. Oh dear, those teacher dreams were soooo horrific! I'd dream of my students fatally injuring each other, not having control, having read all the wrong novels to teach, etc.They were so stressful, and kept coming two years after I stopped! Now I have co*sleeping nightmares, or that I'm out with R without any food... Hope you're doing a bit better than your last post. X

    1. I agree that the stress dreams are the worst!! Doing much better since the last post, thanks. It's funny how you can have such a horrific week and then things get better and go back to normal. I also got my period Friday night. Hmmm, wonder if there's a connection there? ;) xo

  2. OH I HATE YOU! I had the WORST stress dream last night about missing a plane!!! I've never had one before! It was terrible! Haha I was in the middle of Russia and needed to get out... etc etc... I wonder how much you are to blame...

    1. OH NO! I'm so sorry. But, I have to admit this made me laugh out loud! ;) xo


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