Did you have a good week this week? Ours was mainly consumed with adjusting to J being back at work after two weeks of having him home. That meant a return to early mornings and the usual grind. It was fine, but we all felt ever so slightly under the weather for most of the week, so I can't decide if I should go to my ballet class tonight. We shall see... In any case, yippee! The weekend is here. 

Another project I got started last week was the bold decision to slash our food budget by 40% over the next four months in order to fund the Holy Mama Yoga Retreat. We ate so many fantastic recipes I found (see more on my Pinterest) and I devised an envelope system for the week including our meal plan, shopping list (only buy what's on the list!) and budget with receipts. One week in and I am so happy to report that we came under budget, which I never thought possible in this most expensive city in the world. ;) I used the excess to buy Coco a little stroller for her baby doll. All in all, totally rad! Next week, I plan to share with you more of the recipes and methods I'm using to save money on food. I won't lie; I'm blown away to think that I was able to cut our budget by so much. And it feels amazing to not be wasting food. So more on that next week. :)

In the meantime, here are some things that caught my eye around the web this week:

I'm a huge fan of the I'm Not Angry Mark.

These baby knits kill me with their cuteness!

It's warming up soon. Make gingersnaps while you can! 

Essentials to have on hand to throw a party in minutes. 

Hurrah! Maybe people will stop assuming J is gay. ;)

Fun arts and crafts idea for kids.

This App is actually for real.

How to be more productive (i.e. How to have your cake and eat it, too! ;)

This gem of a video made me smile. Way to go, Luvs, in promoting breastfeeding in public! :)

I'm very excited to get some seedlings going for planter boxes.

I love this happy song and find myself humming it all the time lately. 

Have a lovely weekend and see you back here, Monday! xo

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  1. I can't wait to see your post next week! We moved to Basel three weeks ago and I was shocked with the grocery prices here, especially meat (chicken/pork)! My bills from Coop and Migros have been high (we're a family of 5 with 3 kids below the age of 7!) so I would love to read how you control your grocery budget! Not being able to read and understand a single word of German and French also doesn't help with grocery shopping! :( And I can't believe the supermarkets are closed on Sundays!

    1. Oh, Cherie! I feel your pain. And (sorry) it's even worse for you because you have more mouths to feed. ;) Stay tuned next week. I'll do my best to break it down and make it digestible. Haha!! ;) Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by the blog!! xo

  2. Woah!!! I am super impressed with your budgeting skills!!
    I just started bringing in my lunch to work every day instead of buying it and I am shocked at how much money I have saved! (I know, it's such a DUH thing, and I knew I would save some money, but I guess I didn't really realize how much I was spending? Or how quickly it all added up...).
    It's not for a fabulous vacation though- I just want a nice handbag, and I always promised myself that when I got my first city job I would get one :) And I want one that's made in the US, not china! So...$$$!! But worth it, no? ;)

    And that Audrey commercial is CREEPY!!!

    1. Week two just started and we are still rocking the budget plan. The problem is...all the things that aren't technically "in the budget" are coming to light. So it's great because all the sneaky spending is being revealed. Now to find a way to harness it ALL in! Eeek. ;)


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