The Stay-at-Home-Feminist

The Mommy Wars have been a pretty black and white debate for the past few months, which irks me to the core because it doesn't mean you're a traitor to womankind because you want to be a stay-at-home-mom. Isn't that what feminism is all about: Choice? Then Lisa Miller came along and the next wave of feminism has been branded. She captures it perfectly in this passage:

"If feminism is not only about creating an equitable society but also a means to fulfillment for individual women, and if the rewards of working are insufficient and uncertain, while the tug of motherhood is inexorable, then a new calculus can take hold: For some women, the solution to resolving the long-running tensions between work and life is not more parent-friendly offices or savvier career moves but the full embrace of domesticity."

Exactly! I have fully embraced domesticity and I am not ashamed. What do you think? What is your ideal work/life balance? You can read the full article here. I loved every single word. 


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