Mothers Returning to Work Series

The issue of merging work and motherhood has been at the front of my mind basically since I finished the first trimester of my pregnancy. I hemmed and hawed over it throughout pregnancy and then kept it right up after Coco was born. I'm still at odds with the idea of balancing work and motherhood. ;) So I had a little idea last June to feature a series on Swiss Lark profiling women of varying nationalities on their experiences and choices regarding work and motherhood. It took a long time to get all of the responses back, but with the recent mommy wars, it seems like the perfect time to share it all with you.

Starting this afternoon, I will feature one mom's story each week for five weeks, finishing with my own story and how I navigated the choices that every mom faces. We women find ourselves in a unique position because we are the ones who carry the baby, give birth and breastfeed. As much as we would like these issues to be family issues or societal issues, even when husbands and partners help out and laws are put in place to ensure maternal workplace protection, at the end of the day, these issues affect the mother and baby the most. 

I hope you'll enjoy the series! And I hope it will spark some discussion. If you're a mom was this a tough decision for you? Are you pregnant and weighing your options once the baby comes? 


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