Happy Mother's Day Weekend

What are you doing to celebrate your mom this weekend? It's hard to believe that Coco and I leave for Ibiza in 9 days! I consider that trip my real mother's day present, but J has some nice surprises planned for Sunday and we picked out a gorgeous bouquet of pink roses today. I'm giving my mom a gift certificate for a pedicure at the Aveda Salon where she lives. She will love it! 

I absolutely adore this photo of the little girl holding onto her mother's hand. The story is that she just came out of a birthday party and took her mother's hand against her face for comfort. I could look at it for hours. It makes me think of being a child and feeling that way with my own mother, and the little girl's full cheeks remind me of Coco. It's crazy to think that she feels that way about my hand, and my presence, that I am her mother in that sense. It's so precious. 

Here are a few things that caught my eye this week:

Old Finnish people with things on their heads.

Currently working on this beautiful book of our wedding photos.

Tight shoulders? DIY relief.

Awesome toddler/child scooter on our summer wish list for Coco.

Bravo to this judge! Teachers have a rough job that requires venting some days. :)

Terribly sad moment captured in Bangladesh.

When moms text. (You may cry laughing; I did! ;)

Best lip gloss for summer.

When we move back to the States, this bike shall be mine.

Handy weekly cleaning checklist from Martha.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and celebrate all the moms in your life. If you're a mom, I hope you get lots of love and pampering - and a nap! See you back here Monday. xo

(Photo via The Telegraph)


  1. You're right, that photo is amazing. And you're right, it is incredible to think that we are that hand to our babies.

    Love love love that photo book... going to steal it! Dunc and I need to do a photo book from our 9 month cycle tour - we have some absolute gems! Great birthday present... thanks!

  2. That's sound lovely . I too love that picture


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