Have a beautiful weekend!

The weather in Zurich is dismal, so we are coming up with whatever indoor fun we can have in all this rain. It's hard to believe that a year ago (in the adorable photo of Coco above) it was that bright and sunny and we were spending all our time at the park. Sigh! Would you look at how that little muffin has changed over the past 12 months! I love her chubby arms and soft downy head. When I look at that photo, a part of me kind of wishes I could scoop up 8-month-old Coco for a big, yummy, squishy kiss. But then I remember 20-month-old Coco is even more irresistible. ;) Honestly, my heart swells bigger with love for that little girl every single day! It's ridiculous. Today, she and I are meeting our mommy group friends for lunch at a restaurant with a big indoor playroom. I was hoping we could ride our bike there, but it looks like it will be too rainy. Boo. Saturday and Sunday we are going to have to get creative and come up with something to do under cover. Maybe a zoo trip is in order? 

Here are a few fun things that caught my eye this week: 

Americana clothes for summer!

This was my favorite pregnancy book, which has now been made into a documentary (see below).

The trailer for Birth Story made me shiver all over!

And don't miss this interview with the filmmakers behind Birth Story.

A good reminder to focus on what really matters.

Self-harm has become more dangerous than war, murder and natural disasters combined. Excellent article.

So in love with my much-needed summer pajamas.

Have you heard of secondary infertility?

If only Coco loved being in the car this much. (Absolutely adorable!)

This chemistry teacher has a sense of humor!

And don't forget to enter the Elmex Toothpaste Giveaway. Closes Sunday evening. :)

I hope it's sunny where you are! Coco and I are looking forward to the weather in Spokane. I can't wait to see my family in less than two weeks! :) Have a great weekend and see you back here next week with some photos from our trip to Ibiza. It was magical and transformative and I can't wait to tell you all about it! See you Monday. xo