Have a serene weekend.

Our computer is back and like new again! I am so relieved to say that we didn't lose any of our data (thank you Time Machine) and that the repairs were inexpensive and quick (thank you Genuis Bar). I am determined to order some iPhoto albums ASAP. The thought of losing all of our photos is positively sickening. I also resolve to edit and print more frequently. Like regularly.

I am officially obsessed with hardwood floors painted white. Swoon! And, here are a few things that caught my eye around the web this week:

One photo every year, for 36 years.

All the more reason to use organic baby toiletries. (So scary.) 

I just registered for this online blogging conference. Can't wait to learn some new tricks of the trade! ;)

Coffee could be pleasurable again someday...?!

Creepy things children say. (Gave me an asthma attack from laughing!)

I am loving my new bike

Well folks, that's all I've got. It was a light week on the internet surfing, but now that we've got our computer back, next week should be a full one. :) I hope you have a great weekend and see you back here for a really good Montessori Mondays post on Monday! xo

(photo via Et møblert hjem)


  1. Oh so happy you didn't lose any data! OK I've never heard of Time Machine and Genius Bar. That white apartment is a DREAM! I think I'll only have something like that WITHOUT kids! :)


    1. Thank you, Cherie! Isn't it amazing we didn't lose anything?! Time Machine is a program on Mac computers that does an automatic backup (as long as your external hard drive is connected! ;) and Genius Bar is the repair/advice bar you can take your computer, iPhone or iPad to in the Apple store to be fixed. It is pretty rad!

      I admit that the glossy white floors don't look like they'd stay that way for long with kids around...or not, actually. But still awesome. Someday! ;) xo

  2. i LOVE these blog posts of yours! :) the kid quotes made me laugh out loud so much!!!
    i adore your bike and will bookmark it for when we move and i can finally get a bike of my own again :)
    hope you had a lovely weekend :)

    ps...YAY!!! for backed up data! (i would be devastated to lose photos!!!)


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