Neti Pot for Allergy Relief

Wouldn't it be magnificent to walk this flower canopied street in Bonn, Germany? If your answer is a resounding "NO!" then you're an allergy sufferer like me. ;) It's terrible to have allergies, because after a long, cold, grey winter, what could be better than blooms and greenery all around us? Not itching and sneezing and wheezing is what. ;)

Because I'm still breastfeeding Coco, I don't want to load up on heavy duty drugs as usual. This year I've tried homeopathic nose sprays, local honey, lots of different eye drops and finally succumbed to taking Claritin. Even with the Claritin, I still have a reaction. :( But my suffering has been greatly reduced by a couple of simple habits. I use the Neti Pot once I get home for the day and shower before bed. 
Using a Neti Pot is a little strange at first. You fill it with lukewarm salt water and then pour the water up into one nostril and breathe through your mouth patiently until it streams out the other nostril. The little spout on the Neti Pot is smooth and just the right size and shape to make a nice seal against your nostril so that you can pour the water in there. It is unbelievable! All of the pollen and dust from the day are rinsed away and your nose is clear and refreshed feeling. I really love it!

Have you ever used a Neti Pot? This depiction cracked me up! ;)

(photo by Adas Meliauskas)