The weekend is already here!?

Oh my goodness, I had such great plans for the blog this past week, but I came down with a strange malady that ended with the most disturbing, full-body rash of positively biblical proportions, that somehow it all went out the window! Now, armed with an Epi-Pen, new allergy medication and a bunch of supplements, Coco and I are getting all our stuff ready for our trip to Ibiza Sunday night. It's hard to believe that we are going! I am SO excited. We have our fingers crossed for sun, because the weather in Zurich has been so gloomy. Grey days still outnumber the sunny ones and we are losing hope that spring will ever come. It's very sad. :( A couple weeks ago we met J after work and we walked home along the lake. Coco was spellbound by the buskers and took putting coins onto their little stool very seriously. We were so relieved that she only put coins IN! ;)

Here's what caught my eye this past week: 

Let's reclaim childhood play for our kids!

Pants for moms that don't look like pants for moms. ;)

Beautiful advice for those postpartum weeks.

Amazing graphic design resources.

Princesses, move over!

Another reason to love white wine.

No ADHD in France?! (Four months is too young for sleep training, though. Just my disclaimer. ;)

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and may it be sunny where you are! Please follow along next week on Instagram and I do have a few posts lined up so it won't be completely quiet. I'll do my best to do a few mobile posts from the iPad, too. Wish me luck on the flight! xo