Chinese Gender Predictor Chart Experiment

June 4, 2013

Have you heard of the Chinese gender predictor chart? It's rumored to be over 90% accurate in determining whether a baby will be a boy or a girl based on the mother's age during the month of conception. The story behind the chart is that it is over 700 years old and was found in an emperor's tomb in Beijing. Apparently it works because of the I-Ching, which is a combination of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements and the Eight Trigrams. How is that for ridiculous? What would Yin and Yang know about which sperm will penetrate an egg?! Yet, despite all that reason, no one loves a superstition more than I do. So I decided to test it. 

I asked dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of women, surveying more than 80 pregnancies and you know what? The chart is not accurate at all! I was really expecting a slam dunk on this one, but will you believe that the instances of correct vs incorrect were exactly 50/50? We had those odds to begin with. 

I did have to wonder though, if the data were correct. Conception is a tricky thing. It can happen anywhere from half an hour to five or six days following intercourse. And, in Chinese tradition, age includes the nine months of pregnancy, so my Western age is 33, but according to the Chinese age calculator, I turned 34 over three months ago! 

For Coco, the chart is correct, and I really want to have another girl for our second. Our plan is to start trying for baby #2 in September, which the chart says would result in a girl! I highly doubt we will conceive on our first try again, but if we do, I hope the chart is right. 

Is the chart right for you? Would you try to time your conception to the chart in order to have a girl or boy?

PS - A scientific way to conceive a boy or girl. (It worked for my sister, who is the happy mom to one boy and one girl;)

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  1. the chinese gender prediction chart was correct for both my kids and also for my brother and i when i figured in our mom's information. i would definitely not use it as a way to figure out when to conceive though. then again, with all of my issues i am just blessed to have been able to have my 2 and am so thankful that i have one of each!

  2. The chart said I would have a boy and I had a girl, but I didn't adjust for my "Chinese age", maybe it would say girl then? I'm too lazy to figure it out right now. Anyway, these things are fun, but I take it all with a grain of salt. Good luck on making baby #2! I wish I knew whether or not I'll have more... being single makes it hard to plan, hahaha!

  3. It was wrong for both my kids! Ha! But, I also, honestly didn't care if I had boys, girls or one of each, so no, I wouldn't have used anything to help with the selection process. When I lived in Bali, though, many women would use all sorts of ways to get pregnant with a boy, as this is INCREDIBLY important for them for a variety of reasons (some of which don't make ANY sense to me...but hey, some things about my own culture also don't many any sense to me!)

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  8. They were right for all 3 of my kiddos!!!


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