Cycling (and snoozing!) on the Fish Lake Trail

June 26, 2013

Sunday we had a break from the cold, rainy weather we've been having and my Uncle Cyrus organized a bike ride on the Fish Lake Trail. We rode with his friend Kay and sister, my Aunt Lynne for 15 miles on the flat, paved trail out and back. It was perfect weather, 73 and sunny, and we had a fantastic time. Coco fell asleep at about mile 5 and didn't wake up again until mile 12.5 plus a long chatting break at the half way point. She looked so sweet sleeping in her helmet. :)

Spokane's city motto is "Near nature. Near perfect." and I would have to say the Fish Lake trail supports this claim. The trailhead is only ten minutes from my mom's house and you really feel like you get away and into nature on the ride. We also saw walkers and runners on our ride, so it really is for everyone. 

This weekend the weather is set to sky-rocket into the 90s, and 100s early next week. Unless we hit the trail right at dawn, I don't think we'll be doing much cycling. ;)

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  1. Every guinea pig has a preferred nap style. Belka and Truffle like to sleep with their paws stretched out in front of them.


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