Have a productive weekend!

I cannot believe that Coco and I fly to the States on Tuesday. We are going to miss J so much! Especially now that the weather has finally turned to summer in Zurich. At last we could go on bike rides and watch Coco frolic in the fountains and wading pools. I'm dreading the flight (of course) and laughing at how I used to think long-haul travel was a pain before children. Ha! A ten-hour flight by myself sounds like a day at the spa: a pile of books, drinks, dozing off whenever I please. Instead, I think I'll find myself following a very enthusiastic toddler up and down the aisles, staring unobtrusively at the (not)-illuminated strip while she says, "HOLA!" to everyone she passes. It's going to be a long journey. Phew!

Tomorrow we're having a send-off brunch with friends and Sunday we are going to buzz around on our bikes and have a relaxed family day in the sun. 

Here's what caught my eye this week:

How windy is it where you are?

Dealing with toddler interruptions.

I adore Sofia Coppola.

A seven-minute workout sounds rad to me!

Unless we're talking ballet, which makes me feel amazingly radiant. I'll take an hour of that, please. :)

Finnish babies in cardboard boxes.

Can't wait to introduce Coco to this baby we just ordered. 

Iced coffee at home.

And, ignorance is bliss, but if you prefer to be informed not sleep at night, here are a couple things to know:

Sunscreen 201

What drowning really looks like.

I hope your weekend is amazing and productive like mine (think packing;) and see you all back here Monday! xo

(Photo via Christie's)