Holy Mama Yoga Retreat in Ibiza

I'm finally ready (with photos) to tell you all about our amazing trip to Ibiza! The week came down to five things: Food, Yoga, Relaxation, Excursions and Female Bonding. It was absolutely perfect.

Each day began with yoga on the yoga deck overlooking the countryside and the pool. Most days were just the mamas, while the children played and went for walks with the Montessori caretakers. But the first day, the children joined us for a silly mama and me yoga practice, which was very sweet. 
It felt so good to start the day with yoga in the warm late spring sun. A few days it was chilly, but mostly we had warm sun and yoga practice to start our day. Every morning I woke up sore in new places. 

After yoga, we had a mamas breakfast while the children went to see the animals at the farm nearby. Then we had some time to shower and get dressed before collecting the children at noon. Lunches were a highlight of the day. We had an amazing vegetarian chef who provided us with delicious meals three times per day. The food was as beautiful as it was nutritious and satisfying.

In the afternoon while the children napped, we had time to relax. A cleaner came daily to make up the rooms and do laundry, and the chef prepared all of our meals, so all we had left to do was read books, soak up sun and have optional massages or astrology readings with practitioners who came right to the villa. Ten minutes' walk away was the Atzaro Hotel and Spa where we each took turns to use a day pass to enjoy the hammam, sauna and incredible chill-out space with Balinese daybeds. Bliss!

When the children woke up, we set out to explore the island. One day we went to a sweet little town with a cute playground and nice cafes and bars. We took over a small section of the town parking our buggies while we had a glass of white wine! Another day, we went to a nearby beach and the kiddies played in the sand and splashed in the waves. 

Finally, on our last night, we had a women's shamanic circle under the full moon. While our babies slept in our gorgeous rooms, we blessed our wombs through a guided meditation, sang and cried together and bonded for life. It was magical, transformative and a perfect retreat from everyday life. 

If you would like to learn more about the Holy Mama Yoga Retreat, click here. And to see pictures of the amazing villa, click here

(Photos 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 12 by Amyjo Johnson Theiler)


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