Zurich Airport Observation Deck

Tomorrow I will have a full post for you about our long flight from Zurich to Spokane. But first I wanted to tell you all about the amazing Observation Deck at the Zurich airport. 
After we got checked in, we took Coco up to the observation deck to play outside in the fresh air before we were trapped on the flight for 9 hours. She didn't waste anytime getting to it. 
Then she and J watched a few planes take off.
She thought it was amazing! 

And then she was genuinely puzzled as to where the planes had gone when they disappeared from view.
Then it was back to the fun and imaginative playground until it was time to get to our gate. Next time we will leave home even earlier so she can have more play time and so J and I have a chance to get a coffee at the little cafe there and relax a bit. Nice work, Zurich! Pretty much the best thing I've ever seen in an airport. :)


  1. That's really a great place to be, my boys love to be there too!


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